About us

About us

Our Kindergarten’s Educational Ideals

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At TWIS, we aim at raising proactive children who are able to find problems and solve them independently; children who enjoy their life and that can be considerate, caring friends to others.

Educational Goals

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Firstly, the children will learn basic life skills and positive habits such as greeting each other and manners. We will also support them develop the ability to think for themselves and take initiative independently. By establishing good communication with our students’ families, we strive to improve the educational environment for children to enjoy their school life, respecting them and their personality.

A child’s early years play a key role in the acquisition of communication and language abilities as well as in the development of their arithmetic skills. If children miss this initial chance of acquiring language comprehension skills, they will need much more time to develop the same ability later in life. This is why our program includes English and mathematics lessons multiple times a week. During their English classes, students at TWIS have plenty of opportunities to hone their listening and speaking skills, as well as building strong foundations in phonics which will then help them develop their reading and writing. All of the subjects, with the exception of Japanese language classes, are taught in English.

In addition to English and mathematics, we give importance to the children’s physical and creative development. Special subjects such as physical education, music and Japanese are integrated in our curriculum and taught by specialist teachers with the support of class teachers.

We believe in the power of movement, music and art to express feelings that sometimes words cannot convey. We wish our children will lead positive lives, surrounded by many friends and with the strength to overcome difficulties. And we hope that sports, art and music will bring them fulfillment and enrich them as individuals.

We want our kindergarten to be a place where children are eager to come every day to play with friends and have fun learning. Our main goal is to have children enjoy every moment at school, and while they are having fun equip them with all of the tools and knowledge that will make them shine. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our facilities and educational environment to maintain the highest quality in early childhood education.

Kindergarten classes

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We currently have three kindergarten classes, K3 (3-year-olds), K4 (4-year-olds) and K5 (5-year-olds), with a limit of 20 students per class and 6 full time teachers. We will be opening a Preschool (2-year-old) class in September 2017.

Preschool K3 K4 K5
Capacity 18 20 20 20
Number of full time
teachers per class
3 teachers 2 teachers 2 teachers 2 teachers


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Our curriculum focuses on English and Mathematics, as well as Physical Education, Music and Japanese. Physical Education (PE), Music and Japanese classes are taught by early childhood education specialists in the respective fields. Classroom teachers also support them during these lessons.
Apart from outside play time in our playground and sandpit area, we have Physical Education lessons indoors with special activities designed to nurture the gross motor skills of young children.

1. Language Arts

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For English reading and writing instruction we are using Jolly Phonics. Jolly Phonics is a synthetic phonics method of teaching letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory, enabling children to become fluent readers.

2. Mathematics

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 In Math, students learn about counting and cardinality to 100, graphing, classifying and grouping objects, bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional shapes, patterning, nonstandard measurement, ordinal numbers, addition and subtraction within 20, story problems, and time and calendar concepts.

Students use hands-on manipulatives, play games, and engage in multi-sensory activities to develop number sense and link mathematical concepts to their daily lives and experiences.

3. Science and Social Studies

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We adopt a theme-based approach for our Science and Social Studies curriculum. The themes will be the same for all grade levels, although lessons will be differentiated in difficulty depending on the children’s age group.
We will have a party and a field trip for each theme. These are whole kindergarten events.

4. Art

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In Art, we offer a well-balanced variety of lessons covering both painting and crafts. We give importance to the children enjoying expressing themselves creatively through art, and value the uniqueness of each child’s creations. Art and crafts will also follow the monthly themes, taking inspiration from what the children are learning in Science and Social Studies as well as from the observation of nature.

5. Music

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During Music classes, students learn many different skills such as listening to and then reproducing the notes they hear, using singing as a guide to play instruments, developing rhythm awareness and expressing themselves through dance. We have plans to include keyboard, eurhythmic and hand bells. Music presentations will take place on Sports Day, at our Halloween and winter presentations, and at the graduation ceremony.

6. Physical Education

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In Physical Education (P.E.), students learn gymnastics and ball games. We also have swimming lessons and water play during the summer.

We have begun the construction of a second gymnasium for kindergarten which is much bigger than the last kindergarten gym. We hope that the larger space will allow students to move their bodies more freely and enjoy exercise.

Because we have P.E. lessons daily, please ensure that your child wears clothes to school which are appropriate, safe, and easy to move in.

7. Japanese

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In Japanese, students learn how to write Japanese letters (Hiragana and Katakana) as well as learning about Japanese culture and seasonal traditions. The Japanese teacher will read Japanese books and teach the students Japanese songs. We will also be making crafts related to Japanese culture and events. We use both Japanese and English when reading books so that children who are learning Japanese as their second language can assimilate Japanese vocabulary more effectively.

Special Activities

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Park Time: On Friday afternoon, all kindergarten classes go to Komiya Park with homeroom teachers and the P.E. teacher for one hour of outdoors playtime.
Activity Time: After Park Time, we have a whole kindergarten activity which all the children can do together.

Birthday Parties: We have a kindergarten-wide birthday party each month for all children born in that month.

Field Trips: For each theme, kindergarten will go on a corresponding field trip to enrich their learning. We are planning to go on six field trips over the school year.

End of Theme Party: To close each theme, we will have a kindergarten-wide party. Children can dress up, eat snacks, and participate in a theme-related activity.




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Preschool K3 K4 K5
定員 18 20 20 20
専任教員9名 Preschool担当教員 K3担当教員 K4担当教員 K5担当教員
3名 2名 2名 2名


 ➡ English


1. 英語

 ➡ English

英語の読み書きに関しては、Jolly phonics を使用します。Jolly phonics とは、子どもたちが歌や体の動きなどを通して、楽しみながら英語の読み書きの大切な基礎を学ぶことができるプログラムです。


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3. 理科・社会

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理科と社会のレッスンでは、様々なテーマに基づいて授業を行います。テーマ は K3 から K5 まで全てのクラスで共通したものを使用しますが、クラスによってレッスンの内容 は異なります。

4. 美術

 ➡ English


5. 音楽

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音楽の授業では、音を聴く、聴いて歌う、歌って弾く、リズムを聴き体で表現する、と様々な音楽 要素を学びます。特に楽器を弾く事で、子どもは知らず知らずのうちに楽しみながら、総合的な力 を身につける事が出来ると考えています。

6. 体育

 ➡ English


7. 日本語

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日本語の授業では、ひらがなやカタカナの書き方のほか、日本の四季や文化について 1 年を通して 学びます。絵本の読み聞かせや日本の歌を歌ったりする時間の他に、日本文化に関する工作なども行います。絵本の読み聞かせでは、日本語と英語の両方で読み聞かせを行うことで、英語と日本語 両方の学習に繋げています。


 ➡ English

Park Time: 毎週金曜日の午後、幼稚園の全クラスで小宮公園に行き、たくさん体を動かして遊びます。全クラスの教員及び体育の先生が引率します。

お誕生日会: 毎月決まった日に、全クラスの児童が集まり、その月に誕生日を迎える全ての子ども達への、お誕生日会をします。

遠足 :子ども達が学んでいるテーマ毎に、そのテーマに関した場所に遠足に行き、子ども達の学びを深めます。2017年度は全てで8回遠足に行く予定です。

テーマパーティ:各テーマの終わりには、幼稚園全体でのテーマパーティを行います。 テーマに関する服装をしたり、おやつを食べたり、様々な活動をして楽しみます。




Please feel free to inquire. TEL 042-691-1441 Office hours 9:00 - 16:00 [Weekdays except holidays ]